Colt cowboy single-action army saa revolver, 1873 Single-Action Cattleman Revolver




The New Frontier has a flat top frame. Pattonwho began his career in the horse-cavalry, carried a custom-made SAA with ivory grips engraved with his initials and an eagle, which became his trademark.

For that reason, the.

7T. Factory Engraved Colt Sheriff's Model SAA

The sinhle-action ejector rod housing is located on the lower right side of the barrel, aligned with the loading gate. The revolvers were supplied with different blades for elevation.

Grip: 1-pc walnut Angled front target sight and adjustable, notched rear-blade sight.

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Catalog Careers Media Legal. Helfricht, Rudolph J. Engraved SAA's are fairly common. This "solid head" case is stronger and resists deformation of the primer pocket. The grips are walnut.

The hammer when fully lowered rests within the frame. Various Colt SAA models were built from to Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company. The number range of possible Single-actioh Bighorn Colts is — Grip: Ivory-style.

Wilson recognized the need and the opportunity. Barrel Length: 7.

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Standard grips were walnut or black hard rubber. Main article: Colt Zingle-action.

Colt Single Action Army Revolvers- Peacemaker

Lyle and Sub-Inspector David F. Finish: Blue. Type of Revolver.

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The U. The next most cowgoy were the. The fluted cylinder is easily removed for cleaning.

Colt cowboy single-action army saa revolver first Colt Single Action Army prototypes were manufactured in. The need for man-stopping bullets was decreasing in urbanized environments, although in semi-urban areas, a pistol like the Bisley would be suitable for discouraging both four legged and two legged "varmints" while also suitable for collecting supper along the road. Inat serial numbera spring-loaded base pin latch replaced the cylinder pin retaining screw and byat serial numberthe Colt Single Action was certified for use with smokeless powder.

When the war ended, no plans were made to revive the Single Action Army revolver as the design was seen as obsolete. We always have a cowbly variety of Colt Single Action Army revolvers in our auction catalogs.

Plenty frontier notables and gun fighters are associated with the famous Colt. The original. Skip To Content Press Enter It was on loan to the Dalton Museum from the s until when the private collector colt cowboy single-action army saa revolver loaned the gun passed away and his family inherited the revolver. Any single revolvre revolver with the hammer down on an empty chamber is absolutely safe. Uniforms, Arms, and Equipment: Weapons and accouterments.

Original U.S. Cavalry Colt SAA

Soon afterwards, Hathaway submitted a bill to the Arizona legislature, and on the last day of the — regular legislative session, Arizona Senate Bill was passed. Guns of the World. Four notches on the face of the hammer engage the sear portion of the trigger, affording five basic hammer positions.

Colt Single Action Army

There are only 5 or 6 known genuine panel scene Colts in the wild, so to have one come through our doors was truly a honor and a privilege. Buntline Specials were produced in serial range 28, and a minuscule amount of 18 revolvers are recorded as a Buntlines in that range in Colt cowboy single-action army saa revolver factory records with only 10 revolvers noted as having inch barrels.

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Lake [10] popularized the myth of the Buntline Special. Calibers, at least thirty in all, ranged from. The serial numbers are stamped on the frame, the backstrap and the trigger-guard at the end of production, with tiny dies. It cannot be fired unless it is first manually cocked.

Colt's record lists several Single Actions chambered for the. Cartridge Revolvers. The double bank robbery in Coffeyville was another attempt to out-do the rival outlaw squad. Uberti Black Powder Revolvers Walker. In Jerry Lee ed.


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