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Although valve clearances seldom need resetting between major services, always check them before attempting to tune the carburettor. For example, once the float type carburetor is under negative g conditions, such as a rapid nose down attitude, the float lifts toward the top of the fuel bowl as the float becomes weightless when the aircraft descends faster than the float and the fuel.

A Stromberg carburettor. With the mixture setting correct, the idling speed may now be too fast or slow. Float type carburetors are able to compensate for these unstable conditions through various design features, but only within reason. The discharge valve is spring-loaded to a preset pressure discharge pressure, acting as a variable size restriction to hold a constant pressure in chamber D, despite varying fuel flow rates.

Wind the jet adjuster up again until the top of the jet is level with the bridge. Carburetor heat Throttle. Auxiliary power unit Coffman starter Hydraulic system Ice protection system Recoil start. Unlike the float-type carburetor fuel system that relies on venturi suction to draw fuel into the engine, a pressure carburetor only uses the venturi to measure the mass airflow into the engine and manages the flow of fuel that is continuously under pressure from the fuel pump to the spray nozzle.

Every part explained There's ridiculous detail on every part. Adding the ADI fluid raises the mean octane level of the charge preventing pre-ignition and also single barrel stromberg carburettor the cylinder temperatures to a more acceptable level. The needle valve is controlled by an aneroid bellows that senses barometric pressure, causing a leaning of the mixture as altitude increases.

Fixed-jet carburettors are easily blocked by small dirt particles and chemical residues from fuelbecause some of the jets are very small. Download as PDF Printable version. Make sure that the jet remains centralised. The float lifts upward toward the bottom of the inverted fuel bowl. The Bendix Corporation marketed three types of aircraft fuel systems under the Bendix-Stromberg name:. Turn only an eighth of a turn at a time, then wait about 15 seconds for the engine speed to settle down.

With the fuel inlet valve open, the fuel pump continues pumping fuel into the fuel bowl, where the resulting excess fuel causes the fuel-air ratio to become lower than nine to one, which is then too rich for combustion to take place, stopping the engine. To summarize, for a carburetor to deliver the exact amount of fuel required, it is necessary to provide the carburetor with three things:. The difference in pressure between chambers A and B creates what is known as the air metering force'.

Adjusting the gap

Namespaces Article Talk. It operates by bleeding higher pressure air from chamber B into chamber A as it flows through a tapered needle valve. Lift the piston so that the needle is clear of the jet, and screw the jet adjusting screw up until the top of the jet is just above the top of the bridge in the carburettor bone.

The new "pressure carburetor" design replaced the float-operated fuel inlet valve with a servo -operated poppet -style fuel metering valve.

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Before starting to tune the carburettor, check out all the other systems such as sparkplugs, contact-breaker gap and the ignition timing See How to drain engine oil and remove filter. Generally, the PS style carburetors are used on opposed piston engines found on light aircraft and helicopters. Check that the choke is fully shut and that the fast-idle stop screw is clear of the choke linkage. In summary, it can be said that the ideal carburetor provides the correct air-fuel mixture ratio, as required single barrel stromberg carburettor the engine, under all of its operating conditions.

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Loosen the locknut to free the jet for adjustment. The size and type of a Stromberg are given by numbers and letters. If it rises and stays fast the mixture is too rich. Once the ADI fluid is exhausted or if the mixture control valve is moved out of the military position, the fuel control derichment diaphragm pressure is lost, and the derichment jet is opened once again for normal fuel flow.

The Single barrel stromberg carburettor carburettor has a fixed jet, and the needle is loosely mounted in the air valve, or piston, so that it centres itself. The fuel mixture is automatically altitude-controlled by the automatic mixture control.

Bendix-Stromberg produced a number of pressure carburetor styles and sizes, each of which could be calibrated to a specific engine and airframe. Next, it is also a given that within that range of acceptable mixtures, there is only one ratio that is the ideal air-fuel ratio at that time, given the throttle position set by the pilot.

With the float at the bottom of the fuel bowl, the fuel inlet valve opens, as it would when there is not enough fuel in the fuel bowl.


Take off the cover of the carburettor and lift out the air valve, holding it by its shaft so as not to damage the diaphragm. Let the piston fall back gently so that the needle centralises the jet. This consists of a "derichment valve" in the fuel control portion, a storage tank for the ADI fluid, a pump, a regulator that provides a specific amount of ADI fluid based on the fuel flow, and a spray nozzle that is mounted in the air stream entering the supercharger.

PD style carburetors are for inline and radial engines from to cubic inches. The resulting diaphragm movement controls fuel flow into the engine under all flight conditions.

Starting with the basics of fuel combustionno matter what type of fuel system is used on a given engine, the carburetor's sole job is to provide exactly the correct amount of fuel into a given amount of air that is entering the engine.

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The fuel metering servo valve responds to pressure differentials across the diaphragms separating the chambers. The inverse is also true when the aircraft is in inverted flight. The smaller portions of the carburetor are either attached to, are a part of the major portions, or are remotely mounted, depending on the engine application. Bendix-Stromberg engineers overcame the problems found with float-type carburetors by moving the fuel discharge nozzle to the carburetor adapter or in some cases at the "eye" of the supercharger, both below the throttle plates and by eliminating the float from the fuel metering system.

Turn until the jet height is just above the bridge in the bone. Some Strombergs have a two position screw to limit the use of the choke according to the season. For this carburettor, turn the Allen key clockwise to lift the needle and thereby enrich the mixture and anticlockwise to lower the needle for a weaker mixture.

Take care not to turn the adjustment too far, or the needle can come loose from the adjuster. The fixed-jet carburettor resembles the simpler variable-jet type See How variable-jet carburettors work in having a venturi - a constricted neck - through which air flows on its way to the engine. The resulting reduction of flow unbalances the fuel metering diaphragm, causing the fuel metering valve to change position, thereby reducing fuel flow to the auto lean flow setting. Chamber C and chamber D are connected by a fuel passage which contains the fuel metering jets.

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Screw the jet up until it is level with the ledge. You need a special tool to reset the mixture, which is done by altering the height of the needle in the piston. PT style carburetors are usually found on to cubic inch engines [16].

The first inch of bore diameter is used as the base number one, then each quarter of an inch increase in diameter adds one to the base number.


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